Eric Christensen

I’m Eric Christensen, and I’m a writer focusing on science fiction and fantasy. Well, that’s the fun stuff. For work, I’m a freelance writer and a lawyer. So all day I’m paid to read, think, and write. When I get home, I read, think, and write. It’s not a bad life, really.

Most of the fun stuff on this site will take place on the Journal page. There you will find posts about the writing process; interesting articles that generate some of those “what if” ideas; and random stuff about me, my wife, and my dog. On the Stories page, I’ll post short pieces and provide alerts when I sell a story.

I hope you are entertained by my writing. If you find it funny, thought-provoking, and want to tell your friends to read it, even better. And if you hate it, that’s fine too, but I’d love to hear why. I hope you enjoy this site. Please feel free to leave comments. I will check back and respond regularly.